Mondia Top Second (Zenith) - Flashing Seconds

Mondia Top Second (Zenith) - Flashing Seconds

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On this 70's watch there is a red dot that flashes each second, all mechanically , it is an automatic watch.


The flashing seconds complications explained
This is a Mondia Top Second from the 70's - a watch that was created when Mondia become part of Zenith.

The Brand - Mondia (Zenith)
" Mondia was founded by Paul Wermot on August 23, 1935 in Le Locle. As a competent and commercially talented watchmaker, he designed and produced his first watch this year - the beginning of a long series of successful watch models. His talent for precision, his passion for mechanics and the responsibility for detail brought the company in a short time great successes and a growing clientele.

The continuous advancement of the models, the use of good materials and the advanced manufacture gave the Mondia an important place in the European market - especially among the Italian customers, who presented some projects to their liking. Thus, the company grew from year to year until Mondia became part of Zenith in 1970 and merged into the holding company Mondia-Zenith - Movado.

The company Mondia was active with creative models and a good price / performance ratio in the average price segment. However, the quartz crisis was a difficult phase for Mondia (as it was for many other manufacturers). However, export to Italy was still important." Watch Wiki

  • Mechanical automatic

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