Omega Pocket Watch

Omega Pocket Watch

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Antique Omega mechanical (hand-winding) Pocket Watch from between 1915 and 1926. 
Signed Omega on dial, and on the 2 covers, the movement has some engraved arabesques, on the balance cock. 

It has 2 covers: 

- the first one shows a reference to the prices omega won on the popular 1900 paris world fair, it shows 6 medals and the inscription "Grand Prix Paris 1900", 

- the 2º cover shows the beautiful mechanism working. 

It has a crack on the dial at 12h and two hairlines on 4h and 8h. 
The case shows some sight of wear. 
For a 100 year old watch its in pretty good condition 
works after with a strong ticking after winding, but time accuracy can't be guaranty. 
The glass it's in good condition.


Dados básicos

Número da oferta 4UWVC5
Número de referência 5375916
Marca Omega
Movimento Corda manual
Ano 1915
Estado Satisfatório (Marcas visíveis de uso ou riscos)
Conteúdo fornecido Sem caixa e sem documentos originais
Género Relógio de homem/Unissexo
Localização Portugal, Lisboa


Movimento Corda manual

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